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Day Training

Day Training has been designed for the busy parent who would like some extra 1 on 1 training attention for their dog, whilst their dogs is at day care. Our manners training will focus on;

  • Jumping
  • Gate waiting
  • Staying
  • Loose leash Walking
  • Sitting, dropping and standing (with distance and duration)


Day Training – What You Need to Know

Thanks for your interest in HHPG ‘s day training service which is designed to help with your fur – kids manners training.

We look forward to working with your dog and helping them along with their training journey.

Please note, the day training service is not appropriate for behavioural issues (onlead aggression, dog aggression, human aggression or anxiety).

Should your dog be displaying these issues, please chat to us about a behavioural consultation.

We recommend a package of 5 (to be used in conjunction with your day care package) so that we can build a bond with your dog, learn what your dog enjoys most and set a schedule for them.

Prior to your first session – Please indicate the type of manners training that you’d like us to work on, eg loose leash walking, polite greetings (not jumping), impulse control (gate waiting, stays) etc

It is very important that we establish a bond with your dog and work on the basics in our safe, but distracting environment. Your dog may have the  perfect 20 second sit and stay at home but in our environment they may become distracted. When you indicate that you wish to work on loose leash walking – LLW (for example) we will work on other exercises to build a rapport with your dog before we commence the LLW training. We will always set your dog up to succeed, moving too fast will make them fail.

On The Day – If your dog has a sensitive tummy please send along high ranking treats that he can eat (please note dog chocolate / dry kibble is not suitable for this training). If your dog has breaky, please give them half od their break to ensure theyre still ingestively keen

After your session – After your session you will receive a report card indicating the exercises we worked on in your session. Within a week we will upload a short video that explains what we worked on with your dog and footage of your dog working with us.

 At Home – Practice makes perfect. Don’t forget to practice the exercises you watch in the videos, it’ll help your dog with consistency and we’ll be able to make the exercises more challenging for them by adding in duration and distance in their sessions.

Please remember that training should always always always be fun and rewarding. Your dog should be excited about training and never or worried or nervous.

Keep your training sessions short, use their meals as rewards and bring your happy voice and attitude to your training sessions. If you’re cranky you’ll both become frustrated so leave it for another day.

Happy Training!


About Day Training – Info sheet – HHP_DayTraining

Bridge Training – Info Sheet – HHP_BridgeTraining


Cost – Prices Effective from 1st November 2023

Package 5 sessions

$250.00 for 5 sessions of day training (please note that day care is an additional fee)

Please note – this service is not available for dogs who are unable to attend doggy day care

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