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Puppy School

Dog Training @ Hairy Hounds offers group ‘puppy school’ classes for puppies aged 8 weeks to 16 weeks (Puppy School) and 4 months to 18 months (Super Puppy) that focus on introducing your puppy to lifetime manners, socialisation and basic requests, ensuring your puppy gets the best start to a happy life with you!

Our classes are held at various times throughout the week to meet your needs and class sizes are small enough to ensure you and your puppy receive a personalised service.

** Please note that classes over long weekends (including the weekend prior to Melbourne Cup) will be cancelled. We will close for the summer break mid December until early January (please contact reception for exact scheduled dates)

Has your puppy completed Puppy School?
For pups who have completed Puppy School, please visit the Dog Training page to learn all about our Super Puppy teenage training!

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Our Classes

Puppy School
Designed for pups 8-16 weeks of age, Puppy School is a wonderful introduction to life experiences, socialisation and basic requests (sit, drop, stay, recall). At this time in your pup’s life it is critical that he become familiar with different sounds, that he gets to learn how to play appropriately and gets to meet a variety of people. What better way to do this than training in a safe environment with pups of a similar age.

Puppy School covers basic exercises such as sit, drop, recall, calm, on your mat, polite meetings of other people/puppies and behavioural information such as socialisation, play stances, leadership, on leash behaviour, biting, toilet training, environmental enrichment and more. Your SP course includes a complimentary TRIAL session to our puppy day care centre valued at $59.50.

This course must have a minimum of 4 pups to commence, clients will be contacted to inform them should class need to be rescheduled a week.

Two Pups
Where families have two pups we ask that you chat to us about separating them and joining two different classes. This ensures they are focused on their parent rather than their sibling. It will also help your puppy learn independence and make new friends.


Monday’s at 6pm and 7pm and 8.00pm (8.00pm by demand only)

(Yarraville Village Animal Hospital – 110 Stephen Street, Yarraville)

For payment (once your position has been confirmed, please pay the clinic direct on 9689 8100)


Tuesdays at 7.00pm and 8.00pm (8.00pm by demand only)

(Hairy Hounds Playground – 12 Bentley Street, Williamstown North)


Wednesday’s at 6pm

(Dr Paws Altona North Veterinary Clinic – 221 Millers Rd, Altona North)


Wednesday’s at 7.15pm

(Hairy Hounds Playground – 12 Bentley Street, Williamstown North)


Saturday’s at 10.30m

(Hairy Hounds Playground – 12 Bentley Street, Williamstown North)



Please note our Seddon classes are on hold for the time being and will be held in Willaismtown at Hairy Hounds Playground indefinitely)


Duration: 5 weekly 50 minute sessions

Price: $150 cash (prior to the class)

Payment for Hairy Hounds & Dr Paws – 9397 3044 / online deposit or eftpos facilities available at Hairy Hounds Playground (no eftpos at Seddon)

Payment for Yarraville Village Animal Hospital – 9689 8100

Full payment is required upon booking to secure your position in class.

For Monday night / Yarraville classes, please call 9689 8100 to make payment.


Private Consultations will be offered should clients be unable to make a class, consultations are $125.00 per session.


What To Bring

  • Current Vaccination Certificate (Please note: Your pup only needs it’s current vaccination, eg. if he’s 8 weeks then a c3 vaccination is required, if he is 12 weeks, he needs his 2nd vaccination which is generally a C5)
  • Profile Sheet for Puppy School (please bring completed)
  • Lead (Non-retractable)
  • Flat Collar (No correction collars)
  • Treats (Whatever it is that really takes your dog’s fancy! We recommend something soft, such as small cut up pieces of hotdog or chicken portions broken up into small pieces.  These types of treats are easier to consume and less likely to get caught in your dog’s throat than liver or dry treats. There will also be 4 Legs treats provided but we cannot guarantee your dog will like them!)
  • Your puppy!

Before your class please register with us at: (register button)

Full payment is expected for all group class bookings before commencement of class. The booking is not confirmed until full payment is received.

Payment methods: Cash prior to the class, direct debit, credit and eftpos facilities at Hairy Hounds Playground only. (For direct debits please ensure your name and your dogs name are used as the reference.)

Hairy Hounds Playground
BSB: 033 100 Account: 416362

Enrollment in a group class is entitled to a refund of the course fee, providing notification one week prior to commencement date. If you are unable to come to class and you give us at least 72 hours notice, you will not lose your class payment, we can offer you the same value of your balance in services such as behavioural consultations, walking and doggy day care and grooming.

Should you be unable to make a class because of your personal commitments you will not be able to make up a class unless one of our classes on a different evening is available (and has the same schedule as your class. Should your pup be unwell,you are still invited to come along to class and watch and learn. Any client withdrawing from a course that has already commenced will not be entitled to a refund due to occupying a position that could have been allocated to another client. Clients who are forced to withdraw due to failure in their dog’s health will be entitled to postpone the completion of the course. Clients who are forced to withdraw due to their dog being overly stressed (determined by the instructor), will be entitled to a refund of the course fee or the equivalent in private training. Full payment for private consultations will be expected if a cancellation is made less than 72 hours in advance.

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