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Frequently Asked Questions

Day Care Questions

It’s my dogs first day – should they ear a collar or harness?

Please visit our First Day Dog Info page for everything you need to know about your first day.

My puppy hasnt had had all 3 vaccinations yet – I’m worried about socialisation but I’m also worried about diseases.

It is our belief that dogs should be socialised as early as possible in a controlled and safe environment with professionals who practice a positive approach.  Vaccinations v’s Socialisation – Puppy Wellness have a read. Hundreds of thousands of dogs are put to sleep every year all over the world. Not because they have parvo or distemper or kennel cough, but because they have not been adequately socialised.

Can I stay and watch my puppy – I’m nervous about leaving them? Our staff need to concentrate 100% on supervising our guests. Any distractions can unsettle the dogs and cause stress and unwanted behaviour. Most dogs behave completely differently around their owners so it’s best to drop them off and leave without any fuss and call for an update during the day or wait until you pick them up when we can tell you all about their day! You can visit our face book page which shows all areas of the playground through the day.

Do little dogs play with bigger dogs?
We have four different areas. At Hairy Hounds Playground we do not separate dogs by size or breed. Instead, we look at age, temperament and personality – these factors will help us determine which dogs  are best suited to each other

  1. Extra Little Pups – new / young kids and extra shy kids
  2. Little Pups – new / young kids and shy kids
  3. Big Pups –  pups under 6 months, smaller dogs and shy dogs
  4. Big Kids – kids over 6 months of age who are brave and enjoy a big run with their (often bigger) friends.

How do I know if my dog will enjoy puppy or doggy day care? Every dog is different and each one has their own personality. Dogs are just like kids, some kids LOVE (love love) to play with other kids and some enjoy their own company or the company of just one friend. Give us a call and we’d be happy to chat to you regarding your dog and their needs. Day care isn’t for every dog but we may be able to offer you another option. 9397 3044

I have a 9 year old dog who I’d like to have come and play, he doesn’t really like dogs, is day care suitable? Short answer, probably not!!! Our philosophy is very much, let them be! Let them be dogs if they want to and let them be couch potatoes if they want. We can offer pop in visits to your home with a solo walk or even a small group walk for the more reserved furry-kid.

You ask that the dogs don’t meet and greet each other in the foyer – why not, my dog’s friendly!!!

Not all dogs are friendly onlead and not all dogs like other dogs in their personal space. To keep everyone safe we ask you to social distance your dogs as well as yourselves. Please visit our Meet & Greet (please socially distance your dog!)poster for additional reasons why we ask you to social distance.

Will my dog get fed during the day? Generally only puppies need to be fed during the day, most dogs can be fed either in the morning before they arrive or at night when they get home. Please see our day care guidelines on feeding as we suggest dogs are fed in the morning! We try not to encourage feeding during the day as this means removing a dog from its friends so they can eat and often they are not interested in their meal.

Is my dog always supervised? YES, yes, yes. Always and without exception! Hairy Hounds Playground fully complies with Victorian state legislation – Code of Practice for the Operation of Boarding Establishments – which has specific guidelines around the supervision of dogs, staff to dog ratios, enclosure sizes etc.

Do I need to make an appointment to view the centre? While we have dogs in the centre we cannot allow people to come through the enclosures however if you give us a call and organise to pop by, you can view the large area through the viewing window

Appointment Times – 11am – 2pm week days

Why do I need to book in advance for day care and grooming? The Code of Practice has strict guidelines on staff to dog ratios so we need to know in advance how many dogs are coming so we can have the correct number of staff. It is imperative that you call to book your place and to cancel if you can’t make it. At certain times of the year our grooming appointments are booked out a week or two in advance so it’s always best to book early to avoid disappointment and to rebook after each appointment. Click here to visit your owner portal and make your Booking.

What do the dogs do all day? Unlike some doggy day care centres we do not have a set structure for our day as every dog is different and the idea is for them to come and play and socialise. Some dogs are happy playing together but some need encouragement by throwing a toy, using the agility equipment or starting tug of war etc. We have health management sessions through out every day where we introduce the pups to ‘real life’ situations such as people dressed in fluro’s, the vacuum cleaner, a stroller, umbrella etc. We also complete health management checks for grass seeds and nails (paw touching) teeth and gum checks (mouth and gum touching) and much more.

How often should my dog attend day care? This will depend on your circumstances. We have regular visitors that come anywhere from once a week to every day. We suggest at least once a week to gain all of the benefits of socialisation. We generally don’t suggest visiting every day as dogs need to learn to be on their home and home alone but we also understand that during construction and landscaping or for many other reasons, dogs many need to come more often than they usually would.

Will my dog get a rest break? Dogs will generally rest when they are tired on their own accord and to make them stop playing we would have to separate them from the other dogs, which often causes anxiety. We have plenty of stretcher beds for them to rest on when they are ready and if any dog looks like it needs some sleep but isn’t getting it, we will ensure they get some time alone!

Why does my dog need to be vaccinated and de-sexed? 

Vaccinations – Dogs who are aged 10 weeks and older who have had their C5 vaccination are welcome to attend puppy day care. Clients are responsible for ensuring their dog is up to date with their current C3/C5 vaccination and should send through a copy to us at [email protected] so that our records are up to date.

It is important to note that dogs who are vaccinated against Canine Cough, aka Kennel Cough, can still contract KC. It is very much like the flu for us, they can still contract it but their symptoms will be much less extreme when vaccinated. Kennel Cough (Canine Cough) Information.

Desexing  – Dogs (over 6 month) will be monitored up until they are 8 months. As larger breeds mature later than small dogs please feel free to call and discuss your desexing plans. Please note – All dogs over 8 months old who come to HHPG must be de-sexed, without exception.

Why do I need to use regular flea and worming control? Fleas and intestinal worms are passed from dog to dog very easily, so to protect your dog and all of the dogs that attend Hairy Hounds Playground we ask that you regularly use a topical flea treatment and intestinal wormer. If you are bringing your dog in for grooming and you know that it has fleas, please advise us so we can ensure that it doesn’t mix with other dogs. Our staff can advise on the best flea and worming treatments, if you have any questions. Please ensure that your dog is not given it’s topical treatment the day that it is attending HHPG. Because dogs play with their mouths, we want to ensure all dogs in our care are kept safe.

How much does day care cost? Each service on the Hairy Hounds Playground website has a list of the services but for a quick break down visit Prices


Day Training

Day training is one on one training for dogs who attend day care. It’s all about focusing on manners training in a controlled and safe environment.

For all things day training, please visit Day Training. Everything you need to know about our training sessions – Day Training Handout


School Excursions

Our school excursions are a big day out down the coast or out in the country side where our 4 legged friends get to run and stretch their legs whilst soaking up the sun. For prices and further info, please visit our School Excursions page.


School Retreat 

Our school retreat is a 2 night amazing adventure where we head off to a dog friendly park for an exciting 3 days away with four HHPG carers and a bunch of happy 4 legged souls.

Our retreat is invite only – check out our “Invite


What social media platforms does Hairy Hounds Playground use?

Instagram –

Face Book – Daily Photo’s – Hairy Hounds Community page

Face Book – Main Page – Hairy Hounds Playground


Can I bring my foster dog to day care?

Foster dogs who would benefit from socialisation and exercise are welcome to visit us at no charge. Dogs need to be desexed (if over 7 months), vaccinated and be registered with a foster organisation. Dogs must be social with both people and other dogs. Please note, aggressive dogs are not suited to a day care environment. Please visit our foster care page at – Foster Dogs


Who is looking after my baby?

Our carers are amazing!!!! They’re trained, experienced, confident and kind! What more could you ask for?

To meet some of the gang visit our team members page.


Venue Questions

Can I hire the venue on weekends?

For all venue hire info, please visit our venue hire page.


When is your next photoshoot event?

We hold lots of fun sessions through out the year, with our friends at Pipsqueaks Photography.

Our Christmas photoshoots  are held during October / November (check out our events page on facebook) and we have have held theme days such as ‘What I want to be when I grow up“, Class Photo’s,  Easter, Halloween dress ups and more!


Employment & Volunteering

Can I do my work placement hours at HHPG? Can I gain animal handling experience at HHPG?

For all things employment, work placement and volunteering, please our employment page


Dog Training

What method do you use in dog training?

We use positive reinforcement and the our preferred technique is Bridge Training Handout


Do you offer boarding?

We offer a very personalised sleepover service for HHPG clients. Your dog can stay with a carer or a carer can stay with your dog.

For all questions regarding sleepovers, please read our Sleepover FAQ’s and visit our sleepover page.



Can you pick up or drop off my dog? Of course! For service area, please visit our Valets page.


Dog Walking Questions

Solo walks

Group walks

Are the dogs onlead? How many dogs do you walk at once?

At what temperature do you not take the dogs out?

Check out our Hot Foot Banner


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, eftpos and credit card (no AMEX and no cheques). We also accept direct debit. Details are as follows:

The Pawlistic Approach Pty Ltd          BSB: 633 000 Account: 185 691 821

Please ensure you email us with a receipt and use your invoice number or your dog/cat’s name and street as a reference.

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