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What if I don’t want my dog to jump on the sofas?
Dogs associate different things with different places. Even though they may hop on the sofas at Hairy Hounds, this does not encourage them to do it at home. However, if you are concerned please let us know and we will ensure they do not while they are in our care.

Will my dog get fed during the day?
Generally only puppies need to be fed during the day, most dogs can be fed either in the morning before they arrive or at night when they get home. Please see our day care guidelines on feeding as we suggest dogs are fed in the morning! We try not to encourage feeding during the day as this means removing a dog from its friends so they can eat and often they are not interested anyway.

Do little dogs play with bigger dogs?
At Hairy Hounds we do not separate dogs by size or breed. Instead we look at temperament, personality and other features that determine whether dogs will get on. On most days we have all dogs playing together and rarely do we separate into groups.

Is my dog always supervised?
YES, always without exception! Hairy Hounds Playground fully complies with Victorian state legislation – Code of Practice for the Operation of Boarding Establishments – which has specific guidelines around the supervision of dogs, staff to dog ratios, enclosure sizes etc.

Why does my dog need to be vaccinated and de-sexed?
Dogs that have not been de-sexed can display unwanted behavioural traits such as aggression, humping and marking. All dogs over 8 months old must be de-sexed, without exception. All dogs must be vaccinated to protect them against common canine diseases and to ensure the safety of all our guests. We prefer C5 vaccination as this provides the highest standard of protection.

Why do I need to use regular flea and worming control?
Fleas and intestinal worms are passed from dog to dog very easily, so to protect your dog and all of the dogs that attend Hairy Hounds Playground we ask that you regularly use a topical flea treatment and intestinal wormer. If you are bringing your dog in for grooming and you know that it has fleas, please advise us so we can ensure that it doesn’t mix with other dogs. Our staff can advise on the best flea and worming treatments, if you have any questions please ask.

Why can’t I come and watch my dog play?
Our staff need to concentrate 100% on supervising our guests. Any distractions can unsettle the dogs and cause stress and unwanted behaviour. Most dogs behave completely differently around their owners so it’s best to drop them off and leave without any fuss and call for an update during the day or wait until you pick them up when we can tell you all about their day!

Do I need to make an appointment to view the centre?
While we have dogs in the centre we cannot allow people to come through the enclosures however if you give us a call and organise to pop by, you can view the large area through the viewing window and we can introduce you to the puppy area. Please try to avoid the busy drop off and pick up times, 7am-8.30am and 5pm-7pm.

Why do I need to book in advance for day care and grooming?
The Code of Practice has strict guidelines on staff to dog ratios so we need to know in advance how many dogs are coming so we can have the correct number of staff. It is imperative that you call to book your place and to cancel i you can’t make it. At certain times of the year our grooming appointments are book out a week or two in advance so it’s always best to book early to avoid disappointment and to rebook after each appointment.

What do the dogs do all day?
Unlike some doggy day care centres we do not have a set structure for our day as every dog is different and the idea is for them to come and play and socialise. Some dogs are happy playing together by some need encouragement by throwing a ball, using the agility equipment or starting tug of war etc.

How often should my dog attend day care?
This will depend on your circumstances. We have regular visitors that come anywhere from once a week to every day. We suggest at least once a week to gain all of the benefits of socialisation.

Will my dog get a rest break?
Dogs will generally rest when they are tired on their own accord and to make them stop playing we would have to separate them from the other dogs, which often causes anxiety. We have plenty of stretcher beds for them to rest on when they are ready and if any dog looks like it needs some sleep but isn’t getting it, we will ensure they get some time alone!

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, eftpos and credit card (no AMEX) however for all credit card transactions there is an additional 3% credit card fee. We also accept direct debit. Details are as follows:

Hairy Hounds Playground
BSB: 033 100 Account: 416362

Please ensure you email us with a receipt and use your invoice number or your dog/cat’s name and street as a reference.

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