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Valet Service


Hairy Hounds Playground offers a valet service with morning pick up, evening drop off – or both – for your convenience. Valet service areas and pricing are indicated on the map below. Click on the image for a larger view.


We think the valet service is THE best, traffic is insane sometimes and we know how frustrating it can be when traffic makes you late for work.

Valet service = No traffic for you!


When booking your valet service we will ask for a 60 minute window in case of unforeseen circumstances. Please ensure you give us the time that you must leave for work and we’ll do our absolute best to ensure we’re there before you need to leave.

For example, if you must be gone by 7am, please give us 6-7am time frame.

We’d like to let you know of a few important things that will make our journey to you and our next pooch-pick-up, easier:


  1. If you’re home and expecting us (and it’s dark) a welcome light is a huge help (sometimes we have new carers collecting fur-bubba’s for the first time).
  2. If you’ve requested a time, please ensure your dog is ready for us, have their food ready, have your pup toileted already and where possible, have their harness or collar and jumper on.
  3. If you’re not home could you please make sure, where possible that their lead / harness is in the same place as explained to us so that we don’t have to go on the search for it.
  4. If your pooch is toileted they’re a lot less likely to have any accidents in the car. This is especially helpful if you live in an apartment. Don’t forget we may have 3 or 4 fur-kids to collect on the way from you to HHPG, this means your pooch may be in the car for half an hour or so and some pups get stressed when they need to toilet and they can’t.
  5. Please make sure your pooch has had breakfast BUT if they get car sick or don’t like to eat first thing, send in their food in a ziplock bag or recycled bag / container with their names on it and we’ll make sure they have their breaky once they’ve settled in. If we arrive before your dog has had breaky – we kindly ask that you don’t keep our carer waiting. Our carers have up to 20 valets every morning – 20 x 5-10 additional minutes that we did not factor in, means we will always be late for our next pick up.
  6. If we need to walk down the side of your house, please ensure that it’s not your dogs toilet area – it’s dark in the mornings (and at night in winter) and carers can’t always see where they’re walking – we ask you to kindly consider this
  7. If you live in an apartment or in a busy area where parking is impossible, please let us know the best place to wait for you. We’ll give you a 10 minute warning text that we’re on the way for you to bring your dog down to us, this way you won’t have a long waiting time for us to arrive.
  8. Please note that if we arrive and you cancel the service or you sleep through our call / text, a valet charge will still be applied.


Sometimes we will be a little earlier than expected – please don’t ask our carers to go away and come back – we have a tight schedule and respectfully ask you to be flexible.

Where possible, Henri our wonderful school bus will collect and deliver your fur-kid however sometimes a carer will be in their own car. Please send along your furkids’ car harness for safety and again toileting before collection is appreciated so pups aren’t soiling in Henri or our carers cars.

We have a tight schedule to keep, traffic can be super unpredictable and we hate making Mums and Dads late for work. All of this will help to make our carers on time for you and for all of our pick ups.


Thanks for your cooperation.


The HHPG team



Prices Valid until June 30th 2024


We offer a valet service to Albert Park, Altona, Altona Meadows, Altona North, Ascot Vale, Braybrook, CBD, Docklands, Flemington, Footscray, Kensington, Kingsville, Maidstone, Maribyrnong, Middle Park, Moonee Ponds, Newport, North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Seddon, South Kingsville, West Footscray, West Melbourne, Williamstown and Yarraville. If your suburb is not listed, contact us for availability and prices.

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