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Tanya & Friends

Meet Tanya

Our very own guru and BIG dog lover since 2018.

Tanya is a qualified Veterinary Nurse and Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist. Tanya has a holistic approach and is always keeping up to date with medicines and specific diets for longevity and to aid with the healing/helping of chronic diseases, illnesses and injuries. She is passionate in understanding the canine microbiome, ensuring the best possible gut health for our fur-kids.

Tanya dedicates her time to her 2 soul mates, Rocco the German Shepherd and Lexi the Staffy x Ridgeback. Tanya has a huge love for German Shepherds, having volunteered with GSD rescue groups. HHPG is lucky to have such a dedicated and caring member!

You’ll find Tanya in the backyard giving health checks, supervising and caring for your big kid, giving them lots of kisses!!

Tamya with Combi

Tanya & Friends

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